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Latest Events and News

  • Gagangeet Singh Aujla received 2021 IEEE Systems Journal Best Paper Award from IEEE Systems Council.
  • NESTiD mini seminar on Thursday 25 February between 10-12 am.
  • Gagangeet Singh Aujla joined as an Area Editor of Ad Hoc Networks (Elsevier), 2021


Network Engineering Science and Theory

Engineering/SystemsScienceTheory, Distributed Computing and Algorithms
Designing, engineering and analysing real networks.Network Science: Studying real world networks and their properties, often, empirically.Designing and analysing network, distributed algorithms, processes, and developing mathematical tools (graph theory, game theory, OR etc) for analysis.

NESTiD is a new research group (since Jan 2021) in the Computer Science department at Durham University. NESTiD spans a wide area of research underpinning the fundamental theory, practical systems and applications of networks and distributed computing.

This is a broad-based research group with research foci including:

Network Design and Algorithms, Distributed and Parallel Computing and Algorithms, Networked Systems and Applications, Security and Resilience, Network Science,  Dynamism and Processes on Networks,  Mathematical theory underpinning Networks and Communication, Social Network design and Human interaction, Cloud, Edge, Fog and Wireless Networks.